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SİT (natural protection) areas, seaside, edges of lake & river, wooded areas, villages & plateaus, bays, vineyards and orchards; every place in beauty!
Authentic solution to the problem of tourism accommodation:


(100 % wood, earthquake resistant, compatible with nature, healthy, durable, aesthetic, environmental ve economic and authentic)


Serander is a corn (grain) warehouse, made by completely wood which does locate side of each house, particularly villages of Easthern Black Sea. The size is about 4×4 meter that it’s standing at the top of poles. The pole’s number changes from 4 to 6 or 8, according to the size of Serander. The diameter of 50 cm “wheels” located at the top of the poles which is a height of 180 cm. So this “wheel” prevents the Mouse and insects to get into Serander which does climb to the poles very easily. The air circulation through windows made of spaced strips of Serander, does provide the corn (grain) to remain dry. Seranders usually were built by chesnut tree with the technique of interlaced at the corners, without using metal nails, that’s why, it has been remaining solid for hundred years. The word of Serander means according to the original language of BlackSea Greek is ( See Turkish Language Magazine, number 630 ) Kseros = dry, Andiro= drying place. ( Kseranter = Hseranter = Serander ). Today in Modern Greek name is Ksirantirion.


The examples of some serander’s history begins in the 18th century but Seranders actually were having the distinct form, as a phenomenon with “wheel” in the late 19th century.

Seranders were building the highly aesthetic and technical features, particularly, between the years of 1900-1955. They are not only simple wooden hut; have an unique architecture and technique. There are rich decorations on them which is carved by hand. This architectural culture is dying slowly, so we are trying to make a new image for Serander which that will be able to use for tourism purpose soon, rather than storage : as “authentic accommodation, shop, office” etc… We have drawn many projects to get serander’s live back and it is ready for service of tourism. At the same time this is re-creation of the history.


We do offer Serander for tourism, in this way, it has been saving from the dying the products of centuries-old culture. Serander will fulfill two basic functions to the tourism; accommodation & shop, It is possible to make 100, 300, 800-bed capacity and other tourist facilities, If Seranders are built collectively, as some examples; holiday resort, apart hotel, thermal facility, pension, youth camp, holiday and recreation camp,ecological village and meditation center. There is also availability to build the authentic shops or diffirent facilities with 2, 3 and 4 balconies, as examples; cafe, bar, restaurant. Serander is specific with Eastern Black Sea region but new designs we did, it can be built anywhere in accordance with good, to all over Turkey the purpose of “ Tourism Accommodation”. Serander is attracting a lot of interest , who has seen, impressesed it, as a functional, an aesthetic and authentic construction. In this sense, Serander will be an ideal structure for alternative tourism, that it will be able to use as residential or shop. Besides, from the perspective of investor; investing to Serander is, also investing to the cultural heritage, so it will be nostalgic, but at the same time, a new shining star whereever it is constructed.


First of all, Serander is a historical, cultural and artistic wooden structure, not only ordinary hut. Serander is an aesthetic structure as well as a functional, so it adds a beauty to whereever it is built. Seranders gives you the opportunity to make an unforgettable holiday and act freely in your small-house, within“a self-contained environment””without anyone’s eyed on.” Our Seranders manufactures completely wood, without using any metal nails which is the entirely interlaced technique, resistant to all kinds of weather conditions (impregnated), earthquake-resistant which we recreated on the principal of historical and authentic architecture. It is possible to use from 40 to 50 years when impregnated. The scientific, static calculation and architectural drawing were made and finished it. The storey of roof is made of with heat and water insulation. Wall tickness is 6 cm, therefore inside of Serander is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Serander occupies less space in the horizantal plane, so it’s easy to place it, among the trees in the forest area. High poles of Serander gives some possibilities to make available under it which can be used as a camellia or lovely pool. If desired, it is able to make the place of the toilet, bath and kitchen into carcass. The diameter of 56 cm “wheel” which is at the top of the poles prevents all insects to the entering in it.
The entire top floor can be able to use as a bedroom ( or possible divided several sections) to the pattern of roof-storey duplex. There are a lot of types of Seranders in terms of size and sight, as single, double, triple and for family as well. There are currently more than 80 patterns, we did design ,as the Black Sea Serander. The average sizes of Seranders are 3×3, 4×4 or 4×5 meters. It is possible to build Serander suites with the original decoration. Serander is an aesthetic and compatible with nature which is suitable that to the mountain, forest and protection regions of natural or urban. It is 100% made of wood. The most appropriate structure for health. It does not need any concrete foundation to anywhere, which it mean was construction activity. If it is neccessary, possible to remove and transport it. Serander has a very wide area to construct, all kinds of suitable places in the city or countryside.


Only your dreams & visions determines what to do about Serander to where and for what reasons…

Seranders are in service of tourism:

Serander house/cabin
Holiday village
Apart Hotel
Thermal, hotel, motel & facilities
The ecological village
Metitation Center.
Ecological resort
Eco-tourism accommodation houses/cabins

Highland homes/cabins
Highland festival homes/cabins
Highland shop

Mountain/Forest homes/cabins
Rural holiday homes/cabins
Recreational facilities
Holiday & recreation camp
Farm houses/cabins
Detached holiday houses/cabin

International youth camp
International summer camp
Summer training & holiday camp
Summer School
Math village
Science village
The village of social sciences

Vineyard house/cabin
Hobby home/cabins
Art village/ house/cabin
Children’s library

Earthquake Cabins
Earthquake- resistant house/cabin

Village guest houses/cabins
Village houses/cabins for vacation
Village pensions
Honeymoon house/cabin
Staff house/cabin

Narghile (water pipe) cafe
Tea/ bagel house/cabin
Beach cafe/bar
Children’s cafe

Small restaurant
Village restaurant
Village deli
Waffle house
Breakfast house

Guard Cabin
Security cabin
Archaeological excavation house
Village museum
Touristical shop/ buffet
Hand made products house/shop


WOOD: We make the working kiln dried Russian Pine for small size of individual orders but large sizes and bulk orders are made of with the product of German Huetteman Holz’s laminated wood.

WOOD PROTECTION: Without exception,all the elements of Serander is impregnated by vacuum impregnation aganist maggot, mould and rotten. The protection painting is made of with UV micro-mesh filter, semi-transparent and water based, 5 years warranty, decorative wood protective, on the outside of carcass, which is also blocked the liquid into the wood.

WALL: 6×13,5 cm grooved timber is used to the walls which is making the floors. Corners are locked each other by method of interlaced and It is also used wooden dowel between timbers.

STRUCTURAL SYSTEM: Serander constructs at the top of 4, 6 and 8 poles which small, medium and large dimensions. Each poles is supported by two buttresses, then stabilized it to the timbers which is on the ground. There is 54 cm “Wheel” at the top of the pole and the beams are located above it.
The poles and the beams build quite solid againist earthquake.

INSULATION: We make heat insulation under Serander, water insulation to toilet & bath and water & heat insulation to the roof.
ROOF: Eaves of the roof is angled upward with the aim of fend off wind, just as in the original culture of the Black Sea. Fringe width is 74 cm. The durable and aesthetic “Onduvilla” will be set up to the roof which is Turkish style tile.
POOL: The thermal water pool or just ordinary pool can be built under the Serander according to the buyer’s preference.

DIMENSIONS: 3×3 meters, 3,5×3,5 meters, 4×4 meters, 4,5×4,5 meters, 5×5 meters, 5,5×5,5 meters.

HEIGHT: Depending on preference, height of under the Serander is around 180-200 cm, the room is around 210 cm, the storey of roof is around 160 cm.

Windows: Our Serander’s windows are 8-eyed, guillotine (sliding up) because of saving internal space and being appropriate to the Black Sea architecture.

INSTALLATION: Electrical installations are made with non-combustible cable, and fire prevention gel has been proposed to the holes. Plumbing is also fixed with camouflaged.

TOILET/BATHROOM: wc/bath is made to each Serander, according to the buyer’s request. (Serander’s owner decides the quality of shower, sink, toilet, lighting etc…such as faucets and accessories and gets them. We make all installations).

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